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Virginia was established by immigrants. My own family includes a rich heritage of Norwegian immigrants. Legal immigrants of every ethnic background seek refuge and opportunity in this great land. Legal immigrants begin their journey in the United States with respect for our laws.

I have been and will continue to work:

  • To preserve in-state tuition at state colleges and universities for those who are citizens and legal residents of Virginia.

  • Require identification when voting and ensure that all non-citizens are removed from the voter rolls.

  • Allow for litigation when an employer knowingly hires illegal aliens and harms a law-abiding competitor.

As a state we alone cannot stop the infusion of illegal immigrants, but we can remove incentives. I will take the lead with compassionate initiatives to protect US citizens and taxpayers from those who would break our laws. To do so, we need to make sure law enforcement is well equipped to address illegal immigration issues locally when the federal government falls short.

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