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I tell the employers in our area that the best thing they can do for me is to keep my fellow citizens well employed. That being true, it is my job to help maintain a business-friendly environment so that these businesses can prosper. We have been successful in doing that as Virginia continues to be recognized as among the best states in the nation to operate a business.

We must continue to build on this as we look towards the future in assuring economic opportunities for our children and grandchildren. Let me highlight one clear change we can make which will help small businesses in our community. The tax on gross receipts (known as BPOL tax) penalizes job creation and entrepreneurship. It taxes small businesses on money it doesn’t even make because it has been spent on payroll for their employees and equipment with which their employees produce. This is an economically destructive tax and must be eliminated.

Additionally, as your Senator,  I will continue to work with our state, regional, and economic development offices to bring new jobs and economic growth to Chesterfield and Colonial Heights.

In recent years, my experience as your Senator has allowed me to play a significant role in making sure Route 288 was completed, the John Tyler Community College Midlothian Campus was funded and the new Richmond Convention Centers funding mechanism was approved. These were no small tasks, requiring experience and properly developed relationships through my years of service. I will continue to use my experience to help bring our community these kinds of successes.

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